Environmental & Sustainability Policies

Environmental Policy

Elevato and Associates is dedicated to the protection of the environment as the cornerstone of our business and corporate culture. We are committed to being leaders in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment and supporting the environmental protection initiatives of our clients. The Environmental Policy followed by Elevato and Associates includes the following objectives:

  • Ensure that all our activities, whether internal or associated with services provided to our clients, are carried out without detriment to the environment, using the best available techniques and with due regard to costs; that they safeguard the environment; and promote sustainable development, based on economic and environmental considerations.
  • Develop and encourage environmental awareness both within our own workplaces and those designed, operated or maintained for clients, with the aim of improving the environment, and reducing wastage and the unnecessary consumption of natural resources.
  • Ensure compliance with current best practices and relevant legislative requirements.
  • Educate employees to appreciate the need to protect the environment; to train them in relevant techniques, and to assist employees to comply with appropriate requirements.
  • Encourage environmental awareness among subcontractors and ensure that only subcontractors who meet required environmental performance standards are permitted to work with us.
  • Implement and maintain a measurable environmental management system and, through monitoring, seek a continuous improvement in environmental standards in those areas over which we have some control.
  • Plan our activities to minimise and avoid pollution to the environment as far as is possible and nuisance to third parties.
  • Seek new environmental initiatives to continue the pursuit of all aspects of this policy.

Sustainability Policy

At Elevato, we are committed to integrating sustainability into our day-to-day activities and our longer term planning to enable us to play an active role in meeting the sustainability challenge and in improving the well-being of our clients, service users, the wider community, our employees and sub-contractors.

  • We will ensure that sustainability is embedded within the culture and activities of Elevato to help deliver our vision of ‘great service, great buildings, and a great place to work.’
  • We will actively seek to reduce our consumption of natural resources and, where operationally feasible, buy sustainable products and services for our clients while continuing to promote a value for money culture.
  • We will advise clients on how to create and maintain sustainable buildings where people want to work both now and in the future.
  • We will seek to maximise sustainability measures in our workplaces by promoting the reduction of water and energy use, reducing material waste and maximising recycling.
  • We will reduce the environmental impact of employees and sub-contractors going about their day-to-day business by promoting sustainable methods of transport and the use of teleconferencing and video conferencing facilities.
  • We will operate every aspect of our business in compliance with all applicable environmental legislation, Government policies and approved codes of practice.
  • We will treat all customers fairly and with respect and no one will be discriminated against.